Just remember (me).

One of my favourite local takout restaurants really has to keep asking me for my info?

There’s something magical about being known when you’re a customer. I love being a loyal patron to a small business where an awesome shopkeeper, merchant or owner remembers me and makes me feel special. 

There’s a great Chinese food restaurant four blocks from my place that is the real deal. I regularly order delivery from them because the food is fresh, consistently great and it arrives to my place quickly. 

I am a creature of habit and order the same thing each time. So it frustrates me that if I do this three times a month, why won’t you just remember me? Each time I order it takes four minutes over the phone re-giving my name, address, buzzer number, phone number, and eventually my order taking up my time and their labour.

Small (and large) businesses, remember your customers! You have never had more access to affordable technology to support in a world where time-starved people want you to use technology to know them.

It’s so easy to be loyal to the dry cleaner that goes to get your shirts before you utter your name, the florist that tells you to pay next time when you’re double parked, and the bartender that knows your favourite cocktail.

Did someone say cocktail?