Don't wait to share what you're grateful for.

I recently decided to change roles, a decision that was based on progressing towards my goals and propelling my development.

My departure is bittersweet, while I am excited for the future, I am sad to leave the things that make Earls special. I am grateful for my time with the organization and have learned through my work, grew by working with a great leader and made many friends along the journey.

Earls has a bright future because quality and value are in the DNA of the brand, it has great people that exemplify commitment and that have an unwavering acceptance to rise to the challenges that are presented. All of which I am grateful for having experienced while working here.

Often, we don’t share until we’re forced to do so...

Since announcing my departure, people from my team and elsewhere the organization have reached out to share their gratitude and what they’ll miss after I leave. The experience has been humbling and this highlights for me that we, as humans, often don’t practice the act of sharing our appreciation openly, often enough and specifically until we’re “forced to.” While I haven’t felt that my work hasn’t been recognized at Earls, I do see a lesson in this experience – build an institutional practice of regular gratitude and recognition into our teams.

If you left your role today, what would you be “taking with you” (lessons, personal development, accomplishments)?

What, specifically, are you grateful for in your role? For your team? For the organization?

What do you see?  

Now go share this with your people.